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Hey, Welcome to my site FergalDownes.com

This site is dedicated to the world of internet marketing. On this site I will be reviewing the best and worst internet marketing products that are released on platforms such as Warrior Plus, JVzoo and ClickBank.

I will also be doing free training on things like eMail marketing, traffic generation and building your online community on both Facebook and by eMail.

My Internet Marketing Journey

Image of Fergal DownesMy internet marketing journey began back in 2008 at 21 years old when I was working in a telesales job that I hated while studying to be a personal trainer and nutritionist part time. I quickly realized that telesales is one of the worst jobs in the world and personal training really doesn't pay very well so I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I had spent time and money pursuing a career in the fitness industry but the pay and hours were terrible. So I had to make a career change and had to make one fast. It was then that I started searching online for work and business opportunities in my spare time. I came across everything from pyramid schemes to just outright scams.

I then bought into a system which taught very basic article marketing and believe it or not I made my very first sale just 8 days after. I honestly couldn't believe it. I thought to myself “if I can make a sale after just 8 days then how much will I be able to make after 8 weeks, 8 months, 8 years?!”

Unfortunately I didn't make another sale for at least 6 months and as my hope and motivation started to fade I spent less and less time trying to make internet marketing work.

Then one day, about 8 months later, a cheque arrived in the mail for $200 from a campaign that I set up months previously. It was like someone set a fire under me. I was excited and amazed that something that I did on my laptop in my bedroom had generate me 200 big ones and I had the money in my hand to prove it.

Over the next 3 years or so I made some money here and there but it was only about $1,000 – $2,000 per year. This wasn't enough to retire on unfortunately.

I Finally Discovered What Worked

Then one day in 2012 I saw an advertisement to get an internet marketing coach for $397. This was quite a bit of money for me at the time so I thought it over for a few days and then finally pulled the trigger and grabbed the coaching from a guy who didn't even have a real name. His online persona was ‘Kenster'. That's it. No surname. No picture. Just ‘Kenster'.

I thought that for sure I was after throwing my money away but regardless I studied the coaching material and put everything that I learned into action.

And low and behold… it worked.

The coaching took 6 weeks to finish. 104 days after I started the coaching I dropped out of college and became a full time internet marketer. A few months later I jumped on a plane to Thailand and stayed there for 4 months while I worked on my internet marketing business.

Since then I have used my internet business to travel the world while working online. I am currently writing this blog post from the Canary Islands where I have been living for almost 18 months now.

Internet marketing changed my life and I know it can change your life for the better too.

With my help and guidance on this site you too will be able to reach your online income goals.

Here are some picture of my trips below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post.

If you have any questions please just drop me a message.

To your success,