Fergal’s Bonuses

Fergal's Bonuses:

Bonus Bonus – 4 previous courses from Fergal


Bonus 1: How to get 250,000 new subscribers every single Friday:

Step 1: Join My Lead Gen Secret – Click Here

Step 2: Join Reed's FB group (my lead gen secret success) and do the weekly lead swaps in there every Friday. You will get 250,000 cleaned leads back on Tuesday – Click Here

Step 3: Get Wah Bhatti to set up your self hosted auto-responder – Contact him on FB here – Tell him Fergal sent you. Note there is an initial set up fee for the self hosted AR. If you don't want to pay this then there is training inside the FB group too where you can learn to do it yourself. But I recommend that you pay Wah to do it as it can be tricky.

Step 4: Follow Wah's instructions on mailing your new 250,000 leads that you get every week.


Bonus 2: Flood your offers with FREE Traffic

Get my FREE traffic method here: https://quickaffiliatesniper.info/tf2022-1/


Bonus 3: How to rank your videos first in YouTube – Updated

Get High CTR and Real Watch Time At: Sprout Gigs

Step 4: Getting people to really watch your videos:

  1. When you have watched 3 minutes of the video take a screenshot of the ‘stats for nerds' and send me the screenshot as proof that you watched the video in full. If your ‘viewport/frames' do not indicate that you have watched the full video then you won't get paid.
    To find stats for nerds on desktop just right-click the video and select stats for nerds.
    To find stats for nerds on mobile go to your YouTube profile image. Select ‘settings'. Then select ‘general'. Then scroll to the bottom and enable ‘stats for nerds'
    Then when you have watched 3 minutes of the video hit the cog wheel at the top right of your video. Select ‘stats for nerd' and take a screenshot.

Bonus 4: 100% commission to promote my Empire course on Warrior Plus – 50% on the monthly recurring

To get approval to promote Empire and get 100% commission you MUST put “100% commission for Fergal's Bonus” in the text box when applying to promote. If you do not do this you will only get 50% commission. https://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/rv6h5g