Review Videos Tutorial

Quick Start Overview.

Please watch the videos below and then come back to this overview to help you in future.

Step 1: See what courses are in the document to be promoted

Step 2: Find the demo video, if there is none then find and download the sales page video

Step 3: Merge the “Fergal 1st” video with the demo/sales video.. Be sure that Fergal 1st is at the start and the demo/sales video is after. Download the video, this is the review video.

Step 4. Rename the video file on your desktop to “product name review”.
Upload to youtube. Title is “Product Name Review”
Description is “Product Name + Link”
Tags are “product name review” and “product name”

Step 5: Create the thumbnail in Canva. Make sure the file name is “product name review”.

Step 6: Schedule for the exact time and date that the product is going live


Video 1: Overview


Video 2: Finding the Courses to Promote and The Videos To Use

List of courses to promote with time, date, name of course and affiliate links too:

Free 4k Video Downloader:

The tool above will download youtube videos too. But if you want to use the one mentioned in the video the link for that is below.

Youtube Downloader:


Video 3: Merge The 2 Videos To Create the 1 Review Video

Free Video Merger:

Download the “Fergal 1st” Video here:


Video 4: Uploading To YouTube

Canva Thumbnail Template:

Free Canva Account:


Video 5: Thumbnail Creation

Canva Thumbnail Template:

Free Canva Account:


Video 6: Video Creation from Start To Finish


Video 7: Conclusion