Shoplly Review – Build Your Own Online Store

What is Shoplly?

Shoplly LogoEnter Shoplly. The new e-commerce solution in town. Shoplly is an up-and-coming software that helps ordinary people create and sell products or sell profitable online stores themselves. Most importantly, they claim that one can do it in as quick as 5 minutes. You don't need any technical experience either, as the platform is supposed to be very easy to set up and operate. Check out my Shoplly Review below

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A seasoned entrepreneur named Brett Rutecky, who created this platform, did so because allegedly, his wife was looking to get into online sales, and he demanded her husband to make her a platform. Over time, she asked Brett for more and more features until, eventually, the platform grew into what it is today. When his wife made an enormous amount of sales after just one day of utilizing the site, they saw great potential in the platform and decided to offer it to the public.

Shoplly Review: A Firsthand Look at the Shop that Sold Tremendously on Day One

Checking it out personally, you can see the actual page his wife has, and it does look rather impressive in the sense that the overall motif was vibrant and inviting, and the buttons are positioned intuitively for a customer. It's simple yet engaging but it's not at all intimidating, unlike other online shops.

Shoplly Costing and Features

So for somewhere between $27 and $47, you can have a fully-featured e-commerce platform. What's enticing about this is the included free live coaching on sourcing the actual products you sell on your store and how to gather free and organic traffic directed to said store. With the $97 Pro Upgrade, you can remove Shoplly branding from stores, and sell unlimited products on your store. The highest offering, which costs astoundingly only $147 annually, will allow you to be an affiliate and sell Shoplly as if it were your own product.

Shoplly Guarantee

Right off the bat, Shoplly offers a fully-functional, full-fledged shopping cart, which is absolutely essential in running an online store. The platform also supports multiple currencies, which is vital in today's need for globalization. Additionally, Shoplly can auto-generate shipping labels for your orders, which is pretty cool. Other features of this platform include automated order tracking, sales notifications, built-in inventory management, and product review sections. There is no need for monthly web hosting fees either because the platform contains that, too.

Wherever you wish to start, it does hold a lot of promise to be a legitimate all-in-one solution, especially given the fact that other options elsewhere are much more tedious and costly. With Shoplly, the future does seem bright for e-commerce.